If You Run an Ice Cream Parlor You Better Check Your AC Unit

Summer is just around the corner and due to intense heat during summer people tend to look for something to freshen them up. They want to go to the beach, but most of the time because of their busy schedule they just prefer to go to the malls or go to ice cream store. If you own an ice cream store, there are some things that you need to check regularly to keep the quality of the ice cream or to keep to store in a cold temperature so that the customers will enjoy the ambiance of the place.

Here are some tips on keeping your business cool.

We all know that ice cream is a perishable product. It is a frozen dessert that needs to handle with care and keep in the right temperature. We are aware that if the ice cream is exposed to a high heat temperature it will liquefy, change its body, texture and even its flavor characteristic.

Why it is best to check the AC Unit in your ice cream store:

  • AC unit is one of the important aspects in an ice cream store, If You Run an Ice Cream Parlor You Better Check Your AC Unit. An ice cream store requires proper ventilation to circulate the air. Air condition can help in maintaining a comfortable dining experience. It is best to ensure that the ventilation system of the ice cream store is working properly.
  • Ice cream needs proper storage, to maintain its quality. Yes, freezer is where you keep you ice cream, but when a customer order cold temperature cause by the air condition can help in maintaining the ice cream. It has to be cool all the time.
  • Customer will not enjoy the ice cream store ambiance if the AC is not working. The reason why the customer goes to the ice cream store is to eat ice cream and to refresh. It can give them a bad dining experience if they feel irritated due to the temperature of the store.
  • You need AC to set the proper temperature, you should know that if the ice cream was exposed to a temperature that is higher than 10F it will dissolve easily.

Ways on how to ensure that the air condition will work properly:

Since It is important to have AC in your ice cream store, you might want to know the things to do to keep the AC on its good working condition.

  • Shut of the power when not in use, give your air condition a rest.
  • Clean it every once in a while.
  • Change the blower filter.
  • Change the AC filter every after 3 months.
  • Protect the ducts and check if it has leaks.
  • Secure outside unit.

If you take good care of your AC, it will work properly. If your ice cream store has a perfectly working AC. You do not have to worry about the storage temperature of the ice cream, and even the temperature of your ice cream store. So I recommend that you should check your AC regularly.

Keeping Your AC Running all Year at Your Business

Keeping Your AC Running all Year at Your Business

The air conditioner is good for your comfort at home and in your business location. The AC is an important feature of every business premises, as comfort improves business. In order to keep the Air Conditioner running all year round at your business location, ensure that you do the following:

1. Install high quality air filters in your Air Conditioner:

Air filters are Air Conditioner components that remove air impurities from your environment. Air filters help the Air Conditioner remove air pollutants from the room. In order to keep your Air Conditioner functioning properly all year round, make sure that you install high quality air filters in your AC. This will increase the efficiency of your AC.

2. Check the external unit of your Air Conditioner regularly:

An Air Conditioner usually has two units, an internal unit and an external unit. In order to ensure that your AC functions effectively always check the external unit regularly in order to make sure that there is no unwanted plant growth around it that may cause it to break down.

3. Dust and clean air vents and ducts regularly:

In order to keep your Air Conditioner running all year long at your business location, always ensure that you dust and clean your air vents and ducts regularly. Dirty air vents can cause respiratory problems for people inhaling air from your Air Conditioner, blocked air vents and ducts will also destroy your Air Conditioner.

4. Put your Air Conditioner in a proper position:

The location of your Air Conditioner can have a big impact on its efficiency and life span. Positioning your AC in the wrong spot may force your machine to work harder to cool your business location thereby overworking the AC and reducing the life span. Make sure that the thermostat of your AC is not close to any object that generates heat for instance Light Bulb. If your AC’s thermostat is close to a heat generating object, the thermostat will improperly control your Air Conditioner thereby forcing it to work harder and breakdown quickly.

5. Have your AC serviced by licensed and insured professionals:

At one point or the other, you may need to get your Air Conditioner serviced. In order to get the best maintenance, ensure that your Air Conditioner is serviced and maintained by licensed and insured professionals. This will ensure that your Air Conditioner is properly maintained. Proper maintenance will help you keep your AC running all year long at your business location.